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Welcome to CAL-MIL, New Home of Gourmet Display...

websitecollage copyThis year we are thrilled to welcome to our company one of the leading innovators of world class display equipment. Like Cal-Mil, Gourmet Display offers high quality foodservice displayware that is both unique and original. Our hope is to use our resources in advanced software systems, manufacturing efficiencies, and our vast network of sales to promote the Gourmet Display through Cal-Mil. We are looking forward to providing you with top of the line products here at Cal-Mil.

Bringing Design to Food and Beverage:
We combine manufacturing expertise with innovative design.
Our products distinguish your brand.
We manufacture in a wide range of materials which includes earth-friendly materials, metals, and synthetics.

Our Four Step, Custom Design Service Includes:
Listening to your needs.
Brainstorming to develop an action plan.
Employing our design team to create and test real products.
Maintaining a professional supply line from concept to shipping.
We are the hands that make it happen.

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President's Message

As we enter our 48th year, it's my honor to introduce yet another Cal-Mil catalog. Last year, we unveiled an entirely new and cutting edge catalog design by adding Cal-Mil Collections. Our collections give you an overview of all that is available in a certain material or style. Sections, on the other hand, help assist you in finding products in categories of similar usage. Customer feedback has been outstanding!

At Cal-Mil, we believe that the key to success is constant evolution and innovation in all aspects. We've taken this mentality and introduced over 100 products each of the last five years! In 2013, we introduce over 120 new products, 2 brand new Cal-Mil Collections, and over 300 new SKUs! Along with this, we continue to grow in our usage of reused, recycled and renewable resources for long term sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to provide you, our customer, with the most cutting edge products and services in the industry.

Along with providing this catalog as an invaluable resource and tool, our aim is to offer inspiration. At Cal-Mil, we live by the motto,"Presentation Makes the Difference." It is my hope that we have succesfully translated that approach into this new catalog.

In closing, I, on behalf of the entire Callahan family, would like to genuinely thank you for the support over the last 47 years. We hope to make 2013 our best year yet, while continually providing you with exceptional, industry leading service along the way. 

Thank you,

Johnny Callahan


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