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Folding Risers



3620-5-60 (10Wx10Dx5H)

3620-8-60 (10Wx10Dx7.75H)

3620-11-60 (10Wx10Dx10.75H)

Midnight Bamboo:

3620-5-96 (10Wx10Dx5H)

3620-8-96 (10Wx10Dx7.75H)

3620-11-96 (10Wx10Dx10.75H)

Reclaimed Wood:

3620-5-99 (10Wx10Dx5H)

3620-8-99 (10Wx10Dx7.75H)

3620-11-99 (10Wx10Dx10.75H)


Looking for a fast and convenient way to setup displays and take them down just as quick? These Folding Riser allow food displays to be put up and packed away in seconds. The easy opening system makes keeping the riser open a breeze!


Product Features:

  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage
  • Made of Reclaimed Wood, Bamboo, or Midnight Bamboo
  • Available in 5", 8", and 11" Heights


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