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1435-1224-60 (12Wx24Dx.5H)

1435-1232-60 (12Wx32Dx.5H)

1435-1248-60 (12Wx78Dx.5H)

C732-60 (7Wx32Dx.5H)

Mid-Century Walnut:

1435-1224-78 (12Wx24Dx.5H)

1435-1232-78 (12Wx32Dx.5H)

1435-1248-78 (12Wx78Dx.5H)

Midnight Bamboo:

1435-1224-96 (12Wx24Dx.5H)

1435-1232-96 (12Wx32Dx.5H)

1435-1248-96 (12Wx78Dx.5H)

C732-96 (7Wx32Dx.5H)

Madera Reclaimed Wood:

1435-1224-99 (12Wx24Dx.5H)

1435-1232-99 (12Wx32Dx.5H)

1435-1248-99 (12Wx78Dx.5H)


Create a unique and stylish food presentation with these rectangle shelves that can accompany many of Cal Mil's items. Use them on their own or paired with another product for enhanced style. Available in three sizes, these shelves are easy to rearrange and customize to your style and location.


Product Features:

  • Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors.
  • 1435 Shelves are Notched to Work with Crates
  • C732 are not notched


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