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Extra Jars and Lids Item: Jars C4X4GLCN (Glass) C1432BODY (White Melamine) C4X4-60 (Bamboo) C4X4-96 (Midnight Bamboo) C4.. Product #: C4x4GLCN

Extra Jars and Lids

Product Code: C4x4GLCN
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C4X4GLCN (Glass)

C1432BODY (White Melamine)

C4X4-60 (Bamboo)

C4X4-96 (Midnight Bamboo)

C4X4-15 (Clear and White)


1807 (S/S Hinge Lid for C4x4GLCN)

1807-N (S/S Notched Lid for C4x4GLCN)

1811 (Plastic Hinge Lid for C4x4GLCN)

1811-N (Plastic Notched Lid for C4x4GLCN)

C1432LID (Lid for Melamine Jar)

C1432NL (Notched Lid for C1432BODY)


Classic styled jars remains durable while maintaining the stylish look Cal Mil is known for. Fits any 4x4 display offered by Cal Mil. Designed specifically for the 4x4 glass jars, these lids are a great way to keep your condiments or sauces covered, protected, and fresh


Product Features:

  • Fits a Variety of Displays
  • Highly Durable
  • Jar Dimensions: 4Wx4Dx4H
  • Lid Dimensions: 4Wx4Dx.5H


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