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Bamboo Crate Risers Item: 3331-60 (9Wx9Dx18H) 3332-4-60 (12Wx12Dx4H) 3332-7-60 (12Wx12Dx7H) 3332-10-60 (12Wx12Dx10H).. Product #: 3331

Bamboo Crate Risers

Product Code: 3331
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3331-60 (9Wx9Dx18H)

3332-4-60 (12Wx12Dx4H)

3332-7-60 (12Wx12Dx7H)

3332-10-60 (12Wx12Dx10H)


The multi-purpose bamboo crate risers are good for a huge variety of occasions. Use the crates as risers to present a modern take on a classic style, or flip them upside down to create crate baskets for a dynamic new look for you presentation. However you choose to use them, your display will improve!


Product Features:

  • One Open Side, One Closed Side
  • Also Available in Midnight Bamboo
  • Buy More Than 1 For Dynamic Displays


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